Members Guidelines

Respect our Staff and fellow members

Have fun and add to the conversation in chat room, everyone’s voice is welcome.

Attacking other players or wildernesses

Before attacking any player or wilderness belonging to another player, please check our Alliance Info to make sure that the player doesn't belong to an alliance who's status is set as "Friendly"

Do not attack any player in any alliance (city or wilderness) in the top 100. Any alliance in the top 100, you need to send a request to one of the Staff who will check it out and reply to you. If you accidentally attack an alliance (city or wilderness) in the top 100, send a message ASAP to all Staff.

If you are scouted, have notification of an impending attack, or are attacked, you must send a copy of the report to all staff before any action can be taken.

To send to all staff at once, go to the Alliance list, find The Pub Alliance, and click on the Message button. All staff will then receive a copy.

The above rule applies to wilderness's too.

Please do not commnicate with leaders of other alliances - that is the duty of Lady Dianne or acting member of Staff.

Please try and play at least every day or so, If you are going on vacation, send a message to one of the staff, so that your account does not get removed for inactivity.

Build your city first, chat during the wait time. Many get tied up in the chat and forget to build!

And remember, we are all here for each other and to have fun!