Q: What cities or squares on the map can I attack?

A: If the square you intend to attack is a wilderness (forest, lake, hills, or mountain) square:
1. Always scout such a square first to ensure no one else has claimed possession of it. To properly scout and determine ownership of a square, it is necessary to have research at least to level 2 of the Eagle Eyes technology in your Alchemy Lab.
If the square you intend to attack is a Barbarian Camp square:
1. It is recommended, but not necessary, to scout that square first. No player can claim ownership of a Barbarian Camp square; however, it is wise to know what types of Barbarian troops await your attack.
If the square you intend to attack is a CITY square:
1. Until our membership grows, you may only attack or scout a city square that does not belong to an alliance. Once we are stronger, it is perceived that members will be permitted to attack other alliance members below a certain ranking without asking permission.
2. If a city square does belong to an alliance, you must obtain approval from this alliance's leadership.

Q: How do I send supplies to another city?

A: First, the city to which you intend to send supplies must be an allied city. To send supplies:
1. Click on your Rally Point and choose March Troops.
2. Choose "Transport" from the drop-down menu at the top of the window. By using the Transport option, your supply troops and wagons will return to your sending city
3. Enter the number of supply troops or supply wagons you intend to send. Each supply troop can, on average, send 10,000 units of resources.
4. Enter the amount of each resource you intend to send.
5. Enter the X and Y coordinates of the destination city.
6. An estimated march time should be provided in the lower right-hand side of the window.
7. Click March.

Q: What are some good ways of building might?

A: Nearly every building, building upgrade, troop training, or technology research contributes to youro verall might. However, there are some particularly good ways to increase mighty quickly:
1. When starting out, completing the recommended quests allows the construction of vital components of your cities, while handsomely rewarding you with resources, gold, and/or might. The early quests are designed to more than make sure that you do not run out of resources while completing them in turn. Without having to wait for resources to regenerate, your city's vital improvements can be completed, building up your might.
2. When possible, upgrade your city walls, castle, and/or alchemical lab. All three improvements generate more might than any other one building can.
3. Increase your population through the construction and upgrading of cottages and a tavern. Each cottage or cottage upgrade increases your population directly, and each level of tavern increases your happiness level by 1. The closer happiness is to 100, the closer your actual population will be to the population capacity of your cottages. Once your population exceeds the 5000 and 40,000 levels, each of those milestones, along with your cottage constructions, reward you with a significant amount of might.

Q: How do Population, happiness, and tax rate work?

A: See item 3 in the question "What are some good ways of building might?" above. Population, before tax rate and happiness are factored in, is directly controlled by the number and level of cottages within each of your cities. For example, if you have 2 cottages, each capable of housing 200 population, your total city population capacity would be 400. Your city's happiness level determines what percentage of your population capacity is actually available. If, in the previous example, your happiness is 90, the actual population of your city will be 90% of the 400 capacity, or 360. Happiness can be increased or decreased by the level of tavern in your city as well as by the tax rate. If, in the previous example, your tax rate is 10 and your tavern level is 3, your happiness will be 100 minus 10 (for tax rate) plus 3 (for tavern level), making happiness 93


Q: How many troops should I send to claim a wilderness?

A: There is an excellent guide that provides the statistics of how many of each troop type to expect to encounter at a wilderness or barbarian camp square, based on level: Wilderness and Barbarians

The troop number and types reflect what you would encounter at a barbarian camp, based on level. An unexplored, unclaimed wilderness square will have exactly one-tenth the number of troop type present. To reasonably conquer any barbarian camp or wilderness square, you should send the equivalent of at least as many of each troop type that is already there as well as the same number of the next higher troop type. For example, if a level 1 wilderness has 50 supply troops and 50 militia, it is wise to send the same amount of each troop type AS WELL AS 50 pikemen. Even then, you will likely suffer casualties. NOTE that, after a wilderness is claimed, you can "recall" your troops from your Rally Point, and that wilderness will still be in your ownership.

Q: What should I do if I am under attack?

A: If you are under an attack take your resources and send them to the wilderness, second city, or another player (anything over store house and gold); in addition put your troops to defend if you can take them on or move them as well to save them. Post in chat room and send a notice to the officers to solicit help. 

Q: What time zone do we all abide by when posting or planning events/actions?

A: Since the players within our alliance reside in numerous different time zones, we have agreed to use Pacific Standard Time (PST) when communicating times. Since the game, by default shows others' chat messages in PST, we have adopted this time zone as well.